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Hello Hydroplane Enthusiasts!
My name is David Newton. To the left is a picture of me holding my model of the 2004 Miss Budweiser (long story on the cowl, but was a replacement made at the lake after the real one sank) with my late father, Roger Newton.

If you wish, you can purchase these pictures from me.
The prices for the photographs are:
4x6: $2.00 ea.
5x7: $5.00 ea.
8x10: $10.00 ea.
shipping $5.00

All photo requests and orders can be sent to my email account, which is

If you are interested or just wish to see other hydroplanes on this website please email me at

*** ***

Just tell me which year the photo is in and the file name which can be found underneath the photo after you click on the thumbnail. Also to make it clear the "proof" that is over each photo to elude people from stealing the photos will NOT be on the printed pictures.

Thank you so much,
David Newton

PS- Check back ever so often, as I will be adding additional photographs as I get them scanned!

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